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How to apply

While never pleasant, financial emergencies are often a part of life. Unfortunately, many people never know where they can go for help when they need cash to assist with a financial bind. Whether you need extra money because your roof has a leak, you are facing an unexpected medical bill or you need to pay a speeding ticket, we can help at Cedarhaven Title Lender. One of the most common needs when you are looking for financial help is a loan that is not dependent on your credit score. It’s not uncommon today for people to suffer from bad credit scores. Although common, a bad credit score can keep you from being approved for a loan from a regular bank. We do not judge you based on your credit score. This is because we understand how common financial problems can be and we do not want to punish you for something that might be out of your control. Therefore, you do not need to meet a minimum credit score to be approved for a loan with us. You do not even need to pass a credit score. As a result, you could be approved for a title loan even if you have experienced financial problems like a bankruptcy or foreclosure.

If you have not taken out a title loan in the past, you might be pleasantly surprised to discover how many advantages these loans offer. When applying for title loans in Lehigh Acres residents may qualify for a title loan by simply having a vehicle title listed in their name. Keep in mind, you do not need to grant your permission for a credit check. We simply need to confirm that there are no liens against your vehicle title. This means that no one else has any legal rights to the vehicle title. You will also need to show that you have some type of income that can be used for making payments for your loan. By applying for a title loan, you can put your worries aside that your previous credit problems might prevent you from obtaining a loan.



At Cedarhaven Title Lender, we know what a struggle it can be sometimes to simply juggle your finances. Expenses you weren’t expecting can pop up at any time, which can make a difficult situation even more challenging. When this happens, it can make it even harder to keep everything together. It is our goal to help you out of a financial jam while giving you the best customer service. For the convenience of our customers, we are located in and near Lehigh Acres, FL. Thanks to our central location, we can be easily reached if you ever need help or have questions.

How it Works

When ready to apply for title loans in Lehigh Acres residents should make sure they are well informed about the process of applying for title loans. One of the first things you should understand is that you cannot legally apply for a title loan unless you are 18 years of age or older. Furthermore, you must not have any other types of loans or liens on the vehicle you will be using for your loan. You must also be able to demonstrate that the title to the vehicle is listed in your name. We will also need to confirm that you have an original vehicle title. It is not unusual for many people to lose their original vehicle titles. If this is the case, you can obtain one from the motor vehicles department.

One of the questions we frequently receive about title loans is whether you will be restricted from using your vehicle before the loan is repaid. The answer is no. At Cedarhaven Title Lender, we are aware that taking your vehicle would pose an unreasonable hardship for you. Therefore, as long as your loan payments are received on a timely basis, you will not need to worry about losing the right to drive your vehicle.

Additionally, you should know that we take great pride in offering competitive interest rates for out title loans. You can also take comfort in the fact that our payment arrangements are quite flexible. For instance, you may choose to pay out your Lehigh Acres loan over the entire loan term or pay it off early without any penalties.

You also do not need to be concerned about detailing how your loan will be used or be worried that your loan will be denied based on how you plan to use your loan. In times of financial emergencies, you need flexibility. We do not impose any restrictions on how our title loans can be used.

After being approved for Lehigh Acres car title loans, residents can use their loans for:

• College tuition
• Unpaid bills
• Auto repairs
• Medical expenses
• Home improvements

If you are worried that you must currently have a job to be approved for a title loan, you can stop worrying. You only need to have a steady source of income, not a job. Types of income that could be used to be approved for a loan include disability benefits, Workers’ Compensation, Social Security, unemployment benefits, alimony, etc.

Title loans are often more advantageous than other lending options in Florida, including bank loans. For instance, along with the fact that you can qualify even with a low credit score, you can also be approved without needing to have a job. Our competitive interest rates also make a title loan quite affordable.

We can also approve your request for a title loan without delay. It’s fairly common for it to take days to receive a response to a request for a bank loan. This can be frustrating and time consuming. Not only do we provide an immediate loan response but we also fund approved loans without about one business day. Our online application also makes it easy and convenient for you to apply for a loan at whatever time works best for you.

If you need a loan quickly, let us help.